OKKO Diablo gain pedal

$399.00 $280.00

OKKO Diablo. I’ve hung on to this pedal for some time. Its a very useful and diverse pedal. hate to see it go.
From website:
The Diablo is a versatile low to medium gain overdrive with an
exceptionally dynamic response. It preserves the character of your instruments and is very sensitive to your playing technique.
Thanks to the effective and musical controls, the Diablo works equally well with
any kind of guitar, amp or playing style. People use it for so many different sounds,
you would hardly believe that they use the same pedal.

Besides the usual Gain, Tone and Level knobs, the Diablo has some more interesting controls:
FEED affects the amount of bass in the input signal. You know the problem:
an overdrive sound gets muddy rapidly if the input signal is too bass heavy
(that’s why the treble booster was invented).
With the FEED control you can make even the fattest neck humbucker sound clear
and transparent or beef up weak pickups a little.
The BODY control takes effect on mids and compression.

Another important feature is the HEADROOM SWITCH.
Set to the “HI” position, an internal electronic voltage doubler is activated —
the Diablo runs on close to 18 Volts from a regular 9 V battery or power supply.
The higher voltage gives more dynamic range, more headroom and
tighter bass.