Hi, I’m Loren with Lorensguitars.com

I have loved gear ever since I was a kid in Long Island. I am fortunate enough to have collected a variety of gear for decades, some vintage some new. 95% of everything I own, I have played myself and loved. Some I ended up in trades and may not necessarily be useful for me but would be perfect perhaps for what you are into.

I want to see all this gear getting played and used.  Not just to sit in my room collecting dust.

Come join me in my H.O.T. (Hub of Tone)

So much gear…so little time!



  1. As webmaster and marketer of Lorensguitars.com, I can say that Loren is an honest, genuine guy who is great to work with. He is a true musician and gearhead who is always down to talk shop and truly believes in the pieces he is selling. I’m glad I bought that MIJ strat from you last fall, Loren! Here’s to more happy customers….

    – Lucas

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  3. Can I buy 1 of your vintage Fender Strats? I live in Europe ..Please let me know,

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